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DCE Youth Productions

DCE Youth studied all about the Montecito Fires and Mudslides. They learned about the impacts on the land, sea and people. They hiked and saw it first hand.


They learned about the science of the effects of fire, particularly on the Oak Tree that can survive intense heat, yet survive. Then they used an analogy of loss and rebirth, wrote, and performed this beautiful poem, "I Am an Oak Tree"

Oak Tree Poem 1.jpg

DCE Youth Join Tay Da Prince Featuring John Legend

Youth Made Music Video of Eric Lumiere's GIANTS

SB News Press.PNG

DCE Youth Artwork

Click below to link-view art shows:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 135552.png
Screenshot 2021-05-19 135336.png

2020 Youth Art Show


Local & Global Civic Engagment

Participants in the D'Arezzo Center for Creative Education will have an opportunity to engage in meaningful projects. They will learn about local and global issues and use their gifts, talents and skills to bring awareness and effect change. 

Heart Ventures was created by D'Arezzo Center Founder Joseph Natale.  This was the original vehicle for youth and adults to participate locally and globally in meaningful projects. Currently D'Arezzo Center Members will have the same opportunity. 

The following are examples of projects students from around the world, including Stanford, Peperdine, Westmont, local high schools and international youth, have participated in.  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Members of the D'Arezzo Center will learn about the creation of this document by Eleanor Roosevelt and it's implementation. Together participants will discover opportunities to bring awareness of human rights through their creative gifts. This will include group projects that will ultimately be shared throughout the community in schools, non-profits, town meetings, businesses, and on the web.

Global Engagement Projects

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